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    In the year 2012, a mysterious illness began to sweep the globe. In its wake, those who survived it were left with immensely powerful supernatural abilities.

    As the number of people capable of wielding magic powers increased, they began to organize and seize control of the course of history. Using their powers to travel between parallel universes, these mages forge empires of a scale never before seen. And at the center of it all is the Academy, a neutral institution founded for mages to share their knowledge with each other.

    Mages struggle against each other to impose their will upon the multiverse, but there is one threat that unites them all together. In recent months, mysterious entities have appeared. These entities wield power far greater than any one mage, and they seem determined to annihilate all of humanity. The mages will have to set aside their differences in order to beat them. The fate of the multiverse depends on it.

    – Multiple parallel universes, both historical and completely original, with the opportunity for players to create entirely new ones.
    – A high power level that places the players at the top of the multiversal hierarchy.
    – A diceless, strategic battle system to let characters fight for control, change the universes, and mix things up for the players.
    – Site-wide event battles where entire worlds hang in the balance.
    – A character-driven plot with direct ways for players to influence and expand the setting.
    – Options for players to keep certain details about their characters secret from other players.
    – No word count and no pressure.

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