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    Are you used to text-based message board based role-playing? Do you want to try something new? Try Islands!

    Islands is a modern mystery text-based RP game set in the fictional South Pacific island country of Paanau Ariki. There are some paranormal/supernatural features to it, though most of it is realistic.

    Join us! Grab a private hotel room on the main island of Nikeiku and explore exotic jungles, beautiful beaches, native villages, farmland, bustling cities, and the wild nightlife. Make it a vacation, or a permanent home away from the craze of mainland life. Try your hand at fishing, or photography, or become a talented bounty hunter. Maybe you’ll enjoy the great outdoors, and foraging for herbs and plants, or hunting for clams in the mangrove swamps. Make friends, and maybe even find the love of your life on your island adventure.

    Paanau Ariki has a rich history of natives, Dutch explorers and Spanish explorers. Later, the Spanish sold the islands to Germany, who then gave it to the Japanese as part of the South Pacific mandate. Japan then lost the islands to the USA during World War II. Today, there is a grand mix of cultures, architecture, and customs on the island. Tourism dropped in recent years, but the Paanau Ariki government has recently found a budget surplus and is working on repairing the island from typhoon damage, and old age. Kopu Bay is gaining the most from this, despite the petty criminals that wander the streets. This has caused the town of Okuzaki to go into open rebellion, and it currently under police lockdown for rioting and non-peaceful protests over the use of the money and questions about the receipt of it.

    Islands is a multi-player text-based game that utilizes a client to access it. If you have never tried a MUD before, but really enjoy detailed role-playing and expansive story-building, give it a try. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the fleshing of our world. We are striving to reach new players who have fantastic writing ability but little experience with games like this. Anything you can dream, can be done, and we will help you accomplish it. We would love to have you, and any of your role-playing buddies, to try out our game to build your storylines within.

    You could create your own crime syndicate, or be a world explorer who seeks to gain access to private native tribes, or run an apartment building where all your quirky tenants live. You can simply just sit on the beach and day drink. It’s up to you.

    When you start, you will build a character to your specifications. Your appearance and clothing can be customized. You will be able to set your skills, as well, though skills are not necessary for enjoyment of the game. Once your character creation is complete, you will enter the game world, where you can interact with your environment, travel from place to place, and use general commands to do action behaviors, as well as using ACTION (or) EMOTE to write out lengthier, more specific role-playing statements.

    I recommend downloading MUSH Client and following the instructions provided on their page to access:
    port: 3000

    There is a tutorial in game that will walk you through the basics, but feel free to contact us at if you are interested in trying this out and need additional help.

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