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    In the land of Alcath, the place is strife of steam-powered technology. In the day, it’s always bright and sunny and the people bustle around the markets, looking for local food and for a good time with the others. At night however, it is completely different…

    At night time, monsters are strife in the area and outside the towns. It is up to the hunters in the hunters corporations to make it through the night, fight these ferocious creatures to keep the towns sleeping safe and sound, so they can get back up and make their living.

    However, not every town is safe, and politics and deceit lie at every corner. Just how are the people going to survive and thrive when corruption lie in one corner and monsters lie in the other corner??

    For now, the future of the land is uncertain…

    Welcome to Steamhunter, an original and a new steampunk-based roleplay site, want to be a hunter? Or even a doctor?? Maybe you want to a politician, or you want to be a crazy-mad inventor?? We welcome players of all writing levels and treat all members equally. We also take pride in entertaining others and keeping the site friendly and fun! ^.^

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