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    Looking for a fresh RP adventure?

    Red Sky Morning is a long standing, active RP site that welcomes plots from all fandoms. At its conception, the story had its roots in the Potterverse, but over the years we have evolved to include plots from Pratchett, Twilight, The Originals, Supernatural, Bourne, the Walking Dead and much, much more. If you can imagine it, we can work it in. We’ve had a heck of a lot of fun building our universe over the last 10 years.

    If you’d like to join in, come take a look!

    The core plot is simple. It’s modern day, and there is a new Dark Lord, whose influence has completely taken over the Wizarding world. Harry Potter is dead. The resistance and the Order have failed. The Ministry is under clandestine Death Eater control. Although a semblance of normality remains in Wizarding society, beneath the surface, people are afraid. They know that the resistance has collapsed. The black market flourishes. Gang wars are rife. People are looking to the darkness for protection, instead of the light.

    The biggest of these gangs, the Death Dealers, is run by a dangerous Brooklyn vampire called Jack Sullivan. The Dealers operate from a reclaimed ruined Victorian town outside London in the UK, known on the underground as Rift City. Jack Sullivan’s empire is vast, his contacts far reaching, and his influence is felt across the underground networks. Rumoured to be the one area of territory the Dark Lord dares not claim, Rift City is the envy of gangs and cartels everywhere, and Jack Sullivan’s seat of power is under threat from all sides.

    Join Jack Sullivan’s Dealers, or join one of the other gangs to fight for territory. Join the Death Eaters, follow the new Dark Lord in his rise to power. Or, join the resistance forces, the new generation of Order affiliates gathering their forces in secret to overthrow the Death Eaters chokehold on the Wizarding world. Will you fight for the light, become the hero the Wizarding World so desperately needs? Will you make your home among the shadows? Or will you stay out of the war and look after number one? With so many opposing forces vying for power, unexpected alliances and betrayals are rife. The opportunity for plotting is endless, and we have regular huge site plots that you can get in on if you wish, to kickstart your character connections.

    However you like to RP, there will be a place for you on RSM. We have everything from wizards and witches to werewolves, demons, gods, angels, banshees, genetically modified supersoldiers and interdimensional beings. Don’t be shy!

    Hope to see you on the boards!

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