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    Hope is a foreign concept in Re:Ultima. Such a positive notion drowned out through constant discrimination and spite. For the people, there is no reason for hope. There are some who simply trying to survive and make a life for themselves. There are a very few who wants to make a change to the current system and there are those just want to make a name for themselves and stable their future generation. What will you choose to be? Will you fight for your rights? Will you fight to have happiness and prosperity? Will you be the demon of this world and keep the current machine going? How will you live in this world is up to you.

    Re: Ultima is a long-term Role-Play site. What you RP can affect the world in the long run of things. Additionally, it a site that build by it community. User can make new skills, items, monsters, races, and classes. Re: Ultima is also a close community site and believes in helping each other. So, members can help each other out by GMing each other to help their character development and gain rewards. A member who GM’s for others also gets some rewards himself or herself. The only thing we are missing is you!
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