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    Temple of Chaos

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    RPG Site[/url]

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    Hello and welcome everyone!
    My name is Temple of Chaos and I’m happy to announce the opening of Medieval Knights Roleplay Site. MK is an RPG with a medieval theme. The main animal in this is the wolf, but you can also play with other species of animals (Check the allowed species

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    You can create two accounts to participate in RPGs! (But remember, contact a moderator or administrator before making the second account). This site requires account activation, we rely on the patience of all of you. Before playing RPG, read the rules and make your Bio. Do not forget to send PM to a moderator or an administrator with the information of your characters before.
    Any questions or suggestions you have, please feel free to make a topic on the links provided below:

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    Oh! I almost forgot! You need not be registered to ask questions. Make yourself at home!
    We hope you can join us!

    What is Roleplay?
    From the moment you create a character, it’s like having a virtual life making experiencing it in order to have fun and have the opportunity to do what you like / would like to do in your own life. You will manage this character based on your choices in the game, which are extremely important for their development history and their future.

    How I can create my character?
    First choose the species of your character (Please check the species allowed
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    ) After choosing the species, you will choose the characteristics of appearance. Please note that neon and unrealistic colors such as purple, blue etc. are not allowed! Markings are allowed, as well as all colors for the eyes, except white and black.
    Create a different name of the other players. Use your creativity! If you have questions of what will be the name of your char, you can use

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    this site[/url].
    Personality? This is easy! If you have difficulty in creating the personality of your character, why not put yours? Can be cool your char acting as you, so it’s easier to play with it. If you don’t opt it there is no problem. You can go using

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    this site[/url] to choose a personality.

    What are the rankings of this RPG?
    ♔ King & ♕ Queen
    The ultimate power and authority holder was the King and the Queen and no one was allowed to be disloyal to the king/queen. They possessed them rights over all the land of the clan.

    ✉ Messenger
    As the title indicates, a messenger is someone who delivers messages. On a broader level, messengers work in varying environments where they are required to take the king’s news to other clan or clanmates. It may seem simple enough but the work of a messenger is difficult as there is a huge amount of responsibility attached to it and a lot of travelling involved.

    ⚔ Knights
    These knights were normally refereed as military command. To each knight was given a ranking. This was done only after taking a royal oath to the king to serve him their lifetime devotion & faithfulness.

    ⚒ The Workers
    They are the other members in the clan. They used a work for the clan in return of food, place to sleep etc. Members work as hunters, fishers, scouts, separators, mentors etc. The work are given by the king according to the qualification of the character.

    ☠ Killers
    The killers are responsible for killing dishonest and not loyal members to the clan.

    What is the story plot of this roleplay?

    Europe, Cooper Lands
    August 3rd, 1432

    Greetings, Stranger!

    You are in the Cooper Lands, a place of mysteries and wonders. There are two sides, the light and the darkness. In light side the creatures have a clear coat and says that they are also happy. There the food is more plentiful, the soil is more fertile. In darkness side the creatures have dark shades coat, and say they are sad, because there every day they fight for survival. As these sides come from? That is another story…
    5 years ago, there was a pack that dominated the entire Cooper Lands region, the Kanter Pack. In March 1427, the Kanter family celebrate the arrival of spring. That’s when the Lyon family went out of the Southern Lands and come to Cooper Lands. The Kanter’s wanted to protect their territory and declared war. It was when the cousins of the Lyon’s, the Raghta’s come to fight with them. The Kanter’s lost the war and the territory. It was hence formed a new dynasty, the Lyaght family, which is now called the Light. The territories were divided into four clans. The first two the Narr and Fehrte clans were on the light side, while Umbrulus and Mangosly clans were in the dark side. The leader of Lyon cast a spell so that the dark side creatures could not go to the light side, because a magic force field was placed there. All this and more other secrets are in the Secret Book, guarded by Valdiir, the last member of the family Lyon. This book is in danger! Members of the dark side are looking for it. And now? What can happen to you on this journey?

    Your Instinct.

    How I can join in this roleplay?
    There are two ways to register in RPGs. If you are registered in ChickenSmootie you will post your application on this thread. If you aren’t registered in CS, that is, you are only a guest, you will follow the next guidelines to post an application on our site:
    Once your application is accepted you will create an account on our site:
    After the activation of your account by an administrator, you will receive a message with instructions of the next steps you should take to start playing.

    After all, where do I find this application?

    Soon here:
    (Remember, before registering you should read the informations and regulations:
    [code]Username: HERE!
    Character Name: HERE!
    Age: HERE!
    Appearance: HERE!
    Personality: HERE!
    Secret Code: (Found in rules)

    I hope to see you with us soon!


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    Temple of Chaos

    Somebody delete this. It is all disconfigured… :/

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