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    Mister Karma

    In Anarchic Massachusetts, supernaturals and humans have free reign over the land. Cities stand alone as their own entities, several large guilds patrol the State, and a tear to another universe threatens to rip the fabric of reality. To the west, a desert beckons wanderers from all over. Beyond the horizon? Unknown unknowns. The east is a pseudo paradise, teeming with high life residents, stern military personnel, and an old force on the rise from its ashes like a holy phoenix. To the north, Boston is a heavily fortified fortress, its United Commonwealth soldiers watching every civilian passing through like a hawk eyes its prey. The south coast is teetering on the edge of prosperity and annihilation. A three-decade golden age is on the verge of collapse. Rogues roaming the landscape claim territory left and right. Civil wars explode beyond the cities’ limits. Cults perform rituals to revive dark lords.

    You stand, armed with nothing more than your trusty weapon. Be it medieval melee or furious firearm, you have a means to defend yourself from the dangers of the State. The cities could protect you, but even that is doubtful. Supernatural beings the likes of vampires, demons and angels take advantage of fresh meat like you. They could want your blood, your money, your life. They could want your body for their own gains. You must be vigilant and trust no one. If you want to survive in this harsh world, joining a guild or forming your own seems the best bet. Leave your mark on Anarchic Massachusetts, claim territories, complete quests and forge your own story, or partake in larger conflicts affecting the regions and the State. Make yourself known, or be devoured by the jaws of obscurity.


    We just opened up and we are still building our forums. Come on down and help us grow! Registration is free, a character app is a must (you are free to use any setup you wish for your app), and we are always open to ideas. Using ProBoards, we wish to make navigation for your information as quick and painless as possible so you may get the most out of your experience. Two types of RP styles dominate Clash of Titans. Traditional play-by-post encourages slow-paced posting for those who prefer the ease of typing out their posts with no character limits. Real time play-by-post, via chat client, encourages faster paced activity and thinking on your feet style of writing, with the only downside being a character limit–we have a small rule set for that etiquette. Both the forum and the chat group feature a community hangout for RP’ers in their OOC downtime–we strongly encourage general chat!

    Here is our Discord invite:

    Thank you for perusing Clash of Titans, and we hope to see you out in the Anarchic State!

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    Mister Karma
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    Mister Karma

    We’re slowly getting questlines off the ground for anyone who is interested in joining in on the chaos. Jump on, sign up, forge your own story or partake in the existing ones! Blaze a trail and make a guild, or lone wolf it across the badlands. Make sure to check out the Discord group!

    Don’t forget to give our Clash of Titans site itself a look over! We’d be more than happy to throw some monsters at you!

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    Mister Karma

    Quests will be up tonight! Anyone who is interested in quest driven text based gameplay is encouraged to join!
    Come here for more information!
    Come to the Discord to hang out!

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    Mister Karma

    This week only! 1000 Skill Points to any new members who join!
    More information can be found here.
    Come on down and start off your adventures with 1000SP!

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    Mister Karma

    Come on down, make a character, and join in on the Bar n Grille found here! No fighting, or Whitey will throw your character out!

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    Mister Karma

    We’re always open, ladies and gents! 24 hr operation, always willing to have more people to write and hangout with! Come and join us!

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    Mister Karma

    We moved, folks!
    Between now and Halloween, new members get a grand total of 2000 Skill Points for simply signing up and getting a character thread going! What are ya waiting for?1 Come cause some chaos!

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