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    Absit Omen

    Absit Omen RPG

    Main Page › ‹ Plot › ‹ Rules › ‹ How to Join

    At Absit Omen…
    Immerse yourself in a rich, lived in Wizarding World. If you enjoy detail, genuine characters, tightly woven plots, a collaborative community spirit, and the feeling of really being able to settle in, come join us!  Every part of the British Wizarding World is open for play including Hogwarts, the Ministry, London and Hogsmeade.

    Hogwarts Awaits…
    For many of us, the halls of a magical castle will always be a kind of home.  We’re writing spring 2011, and have plenty of room for students and some open Professor roles available too.

    Dementors Dementing…
    A darkness haunts the countryside from the skies.  Everyone glances upwards and mutters a cheering charm.  The Ministry of Magic is scrambling to contain the horror, and average witches and wizards find their Patroni. Unspeakables and dark wizards alike seek the secrets of souls.

    Stick Your Neck Out…
    The St Mungo’s blood bank is there to support Britain’s vampire community, but when Muggles are found drunk dry in Whitechapel, and supplies run short, tensions mount. Are vampires desperate to abide the law or were they just looking for an excuse to hunt?

    Werewolves Underground…
    The most controversial issue of the age, the plight (or blight) of werewolves divides family and community.  Why are so many unregistered werewolves going missing? Was there a werewolf attack in broad daylight? Who’s helping who St. Mungo’s can’t?

    ‹ Absit Omen was founded in 2009 and typically has between 10 and 30 active members. 
    Our SMF forums feature a mobile version, full wiki, thread tagging, and one sign-on to access multiple character accounts. ›

    We welcome returning and new writers to the forum. AO is always there to welcome you home…

    The best way to get started is to drop in our c-box, located on our front portal. Introduce yourself and share your ideas. We can’t wait to meet you!

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