Recommended RPGs

  • ‘Souls RPG

    ‘Souls is an advanced writing, play-by-post, post-apocalyptic canine and werecanine RPG set in Nova Scotia, Canada. We’ve been going strong for over one decade, and we’d love for you to join us!

  • Shadowlack

    Shadowlack is a Science Fantasy Play by Post RPG and World Building Project centralized around the planet Ramath-lehi. From its three moons (two of which are colonized), its vast continents, its diverse flora and fauna, its source of magic via the spirit world Fronima, to its space-faring inhabitants — Shadowlack is a truly engaging collaborative game. Shadowlack was originally founded in 1997, and made its debut online in 2002!

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Directories & Resources

  • RPGfix

    RPGfix is an amazing RPG directory — fully automatic and completely handwritten by one Iversia, RPGfix is a great resource — whether you’re looking to advertise your RPG, or seeking a new home for your RPG character.

  • Black Shuck

    Black Shuck is another exciting project by Iversia. This time, it’s an engine made to run play-by-post styled RPGs. As Iversia’s other projects are stunning, Forum Roleplay eagerly awaits the debute of Black Shuck, too!

  • Distant Fantasies

    Distant Fantasies is an excellent directory site that also provides resources for promoting your roleplaying game. It has been going strong for a number of years.

  • RPG-Directory

    RPG-D offers a lot, but arguably, its biggest asset is the community. You can ask roleplay questions or browse other people’s questions here and learn quite a lot about different perspectives in roleplaying just by lurking.

  • Other RPG Resource Sites

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